IJ Start Canon TS3151 Configuration

IJ Start Canon TS3151 Configuration

IJ Start Canon TS3151 Configuration

Canon Pixma TS3151 Printer Reviews–¬†Canon’s Pixma TS3151 is a budget multi-function peripheral printer (MFP) for people who do not print as often. This is almost seamless as we expected the price for sub-¬£40, but there is support for wireless networks: You can connect it and share it around all of your home computers and mobile devices. It is small, lightweight and looks harmless,

There’s a simple paper tray in the Back, and there’s a similar utilitarian output in the front, which actually retains everything impressive when printing. When not in use, the rear tray is rotated to act as a lid. Canon has sprinkled a few more buttons than we would expect from the top: you get the usual undo buttons and black and mono startup, but there are also a few additional ones that help to run a small, mono LCD window that displays simple messages for The state, In theory, it’s a step up from the controls at the initial level, but in practice we’ve found that the extra features are largely unattainable.

However, this is a simple MFP for installation. The Canon setup Program can usually detect it wirelessly without any configuration from the user, but if all else fails, it reverts to a temporary USB connection to set up wireless access. Unlike the more expensive Pixmas, TS3151 is glued with one black ink cartridge, along with another containing cyan, magenta and yellow.

In theory, this is more wasteful than individual cartridges for each color, and in practice it makes the cost of printing a bit higher. Using the dimensions of XL, we calculated the color component on the A4 page with an unacceptable 5.4 p, but the black component was 4.3 p.

We Do not expect the cheapest devices to be superb, and the weakness of TS3151 is the print speed: It reached 7.4 pages per minute (ppm) for the black text and was descending with a low level of 1.6 ppm for color graphics. The lowest we’ve recorded for a while. You Will need two and a half minutes to print a color photo with the best quality and you will not be able to do it in A4 format; Although the driver allows you to create and send the job, the printer will not print on A4 photo paper.

With 26 seconds in black and 57 seconds in color, photocopiers were also not fast, but the scanning speed was compared even with middle-class devices. Connected via USB, it took us only 37 seconds to shoot a 6 x 4 inch size photo at 1200 dots per inch (dpi).

Our Scan and copy tests have shown vertical lines along the entire length of the document, which is not something we’ve seen from a Canon scanner before. Unfortunately, our review department got wet in transit and we are confident that our problem is isolated, possibly related to this.

The Discount, prints and photocopiers were excellent, with vivid colors and quite crisp, dark text. The Scan is equally impressive for such an inexpensive device.

Pixma TS3151 is not ideal if you print very often: slow and relatively costly to release, especially when working with text. However, if you just want a basic, competent multifunctional for light home use, it is a great choice and earns a recommended reward.


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