Canon PIXMA TS9020 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA TS9020 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA TS9020 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA TS9020 Printer Reviews–┬áCanon PIXMA TS9020 is featured with special filters that can help make the result of the photo more stunning. It has 6 ink systems that work well to create a high quality photo at a high speed. People do not need to wait too long to take the photos that are delivered to them.

Great Wi-Fi connectivity is also one of the advantages of Canon PIXMA TS9020. Users can connect their printer and peripherals via Wi-Fi connection. This allows users to access the printer where they want by simply connecting the wireless network. People can easily print documents and images from their own laptop, smartphone, tablet and other devices.

Its 5 ‘ ‘ touchscreen LCD screen enhances the Canon PIXMA TS9020 style. Users can only touch the LCD screen to make the printer process easier, control it, and even edit the photos to print. They can even print the photos directly from the SD card of a camera.

Despite its printer function, Canon PIXMA TS9020 has an LCD display for scanning and copying. Users not only print documents, they can also copy the document and even scan the documents they want to keep.

Configuration and performance

The installation of the TS9020 is easy. It took us about 10 minutes, including the alignment of the printhead and the initialization of the ink boot. We used the supplied disk to install the printer and scanner drivers, as well as the corresponding software (you can perform a complete installation or choose what you want), but you can also download the website of Canon’s assistance. We opted for a wired Ethernet connection because it would provide the fastest speed for performance testing (to test the Internet features, we connected to a Wi-Fi network).

For photography, one of the main reasons for buying a six-color (or more) printer compared to the standard four-color CMYK standard is the improved quality of the photo output. To be honest, for many users, a process-color output is perfect for occasional snapshots.

But the six colors make a subtle difference, and if you really like photography, it’s worth it. On a purely visual basis, the impressions we generated-a variety including photographs and graphics-were well saturated with deep blacks and the colors were accurate compared to the X-Rite color reference that we Use. In fact, when we compared the impressions obtained with an Epson SureColor P600 calibrated to nine colors, the differences in quality were perceptible, but very subtle.

We are very satisfied with the print performance. Canon evaluates the TS9020 at about 15 pages per minute (canon calls it, images per minute) in monochrome printing and 10 ppm in color. By printing a basically monochrome four-page Word document, we reached an output speed of 16 ppm, which fell to 7.3 ppm when printing an Excel document mainly in color. These documents are part of the ISO document suite used by vendors, but our test protocol is not as elaborate, our scores conform to Canon’s specifications.

The scanner has an optical resolution of 2 400 dpi, which is suitable for most uses. We tested it by scanning our image test documents using the Google Picasa (RIP) import feature, which recognized the TS9020 as a TWAIN scanner. By printing the scanned test documents, we found that they were very close to the originals in terms of color accuracy and color accuracy. Unfortunately, if you scan or copy a lot of documents, the flatbed scanner will seem very difficult to use.

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