Canon PIXMA TS8054 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA TS8054 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA TS8054 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA TS8054 Printer Reviews– The Pixma 8050 is almost the best model in Canon’s modified Pixma Inkjet multifunction Peripherals (MFP) range, and is priced to prove it. Read the review.

You get a highly-refined device with a unique bias in terms of cost: the scanner can expand to 2400 dpi (dots per inch) to capture 4x details of 1,200 dpi that are found more often, and the printer’s maximum resolution is 9,600 × 2, 400dpi. The most high among consumer inkjet.

Two trays, double-sided printing, Wi-Fi and SD card support, through a touchscreen such as a glossy front panel smartphone, Canon cannot think of what is abandoned

Light Shielding Control

Although photo-centric inkjet is not uncommon with six inks, the T-8050 shares the same pigment black ink as the five color models in the Pixma range and complements dye-based black, cyan, magenta and black inks. Yellow ink with medium gray for better shading control in photos. Canon is barely used for dye-based black and grey plain paper, but the running cost is still a black component, not 7.8 p per A4, and still works as steep 2.7 p.

The T S 8050 is printed on paper that is contained in a thin paper tray on the base, but can only be placed in the rear tray where the paper is pulled. The small hinged feed won’t print until you close the lid. It’s too easy to forget. Printing speed is appropriate for ordinary paper.

In the 25-page black text test with this money, you will find many inkjet that can surpass 3.9 p m in a 13.3 p m and color graphics test where T S 8050 is reached. Photo prints are better in terms of speed, and each 6x4in photo is completed within 2 minutes with the highest possible quality.

When connected via USB, you can capture A4 page in 300dpi in just 14 seconds and complete 1, 200dpi photo scan in 1 minute. The mono-A4 copy was fast in 12 seconds, but the color copy took twice as long. We were somewhat disappointed with the dark copy of T S 8050, and some lines of black text prints had very fine horizontal bursts. But if you don’t look very carefully, you won’t notice. The color graphics on plain paper were a bit thicker than we wanted, but it was very good if not. The photo was a best practice with very detailed details, such as a black and white photo test imprint. Excellent detail and a great scan of the most pronounced focus we have seen.

If your home is full of creative types and you can purchase an advanced MFP, the Pixma 8050 will be better suited to this bill. But it’s expensive, but you can get almost similar results with the mid-range Pixma models.

We will save a little cost and get one of the canon’s cheaper models as the PIXMA T-S 5050 as unless you need excellent scanning and photo quality.


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