Canon PIXMA TS6220 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA TS6220 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA TS6220 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA TS6220 Printer Reviews–┬áThis is an all-in-one printer/scanner for home/light use. The printer has a footprint of 14.5 “x 12” and a height of 6 “; The scanning glass measures 9 “x 12”. The controls are with a 3 “touch screen. The inks are available in 5 individual ink tanks, all available in XL and XXL. It features front and rear power bins, each with a capacity of 100 sheets of plain paper or 20 sheets of photo paper. It can print on paper 3.5 x 3.5 “4×4 “, 4×6 “, 5×5 “, 5×7 “, 8 x 10 “, 8, 5×11 “, 8, 5×14 ” and US Envelopes N ┬░ 10 (4.1 x 9.5 “). It will print on maps, glossy photo paper, high-resolution paper, ironing transfers, glossy paper, matte photo paper, plain paper and semi-gloss photo paper. It is completely wireless and will print with Apple AirPrint, Canon print, Google Cloud Print, Mopria printing service and wireless PictBridge. It will run on Windows (Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1) and Mac: (Mac OS X 10.10.5-MacOS 10.13, IOS, Android, Windows 10 Mobile and Amazon Fire, but not Windows XP. It resolution is 15 pages per minute in black and white, 10 colors and 26 seconds per image for photos. The resolution is 1 200 x 2 400 dpi in 8-bit color. It comes with a set of 5 ink tanks, a sample pack of 3 sheets of glossy photo paper, a CD with the drivers and the My Image Garden software, a power cord and a quick start-up manual on paper with 8 pages of English instructions and Spanish.

I was impressed by the ease of installation of this printer. From my Windows 7 desktop computer, I just inserted the supplied CD-ROM and the configuration utility turned on and guided the process from there. I was also able to connect my Android phone and print using the Canon print Inkjet/SELPHY application. Unlike many printers I installed, the installation process was simple and straightforward. After installing, I could actually print from all the devices.

Like the other PIXMA printers I used, this printer makes it possible to print your photos perfectly. What I really like about this one is that it also makes square impressions in a native way. Before, to make square impressions, I had to cut the paper after impressions, which wasted paper and did not always have a professional appearance. Ink costs are roughly average for similar inkjet printers, or about 12.7 cents per color printing. Compared to the costs of sending photo prints, that’s fine, given that you receive the prints immediately and you don’t have to pay the shipping costs. I tried this printer with transfers of glossy photo paper and T-shirts of 8 x 10 inches, and I was very satisfied with the quality of the print.

The printer also works as a black and white printer or photocopier. The ink costs for black and white printing are about 4.1 cents/page, which is a little more than the costs of my laser printer. So I mainly use this printer for photo prints, which makes it excellent. However, the Instant Copy button on this printer is extremely handy for fast, color, or black and white photocopies, even in the absence of a computer. Simply put your original on the window, press copy and bingo-here’s your copy. You can choose to enlarge or reduce impressions using the touch screen controls. Built-in copying features include automatic exposure, borderless copying, frame-erase copying, identity card, and page adjustment. One function that is missing from this printer is the reading of the SD card. Therefore, you cannot print or scan directly to/from SD cards. Too bad because I use this feature a lot on my laser printer. In summary, this is a fast printer that prints great photos at a very reasonable price.

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