Canon PIXMA G2415 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA G2415 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA G2415 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA G2415 Printer Reviews–┬áCanon Pixma G2415 is not your regular inkjet printer. This is the fulfillment of a three-year promise. When you enter a supermarket printer in 2015, such as the Canon Pixma G2415, the goal was to fix the high cost of ink cartridge refill. Instead of expensive cartridges, the first supermarket printers relied on tanks that can be refilled individually with a bottle of blue, purple or yellow ink for $ 12. It’s enough to last you two years.
But early models – originally from Epson, and then from Canon – could not match the print inks in our recommended list. For example, the Epson Expression ET-2550 is far behind the front of the text and graphics. The Canon Pixma G2200 performs a bit better, but not enough to earn from our testers.

The Canon Pixma G2415, $ 300, is cheaper to own and operate in the long run than any other model in our list of cheap, all-in-one printers. More appropriate, it has churning to handle most of the daily print jobs.
“The G2415 is the first printer based on a tank that really shines like a printer, not just a money saver,” says Rich Sullin, who runs the CR printer testing program. – That’s why this is the recommended model.

Although some inkjet printers retail for $ 50, the price of $ 300 for Canon may be a big red flag, even if it is one of the least expensive tank models in our ratings.

But you need to take into account the long-term cost of replacing the ink. Take the HP Envy 7640, $ 120. This is one of our popular printers. At first glance, it looks like a huge deal. However, when you consider the cost of operation, this is less than the deal.

Using the cost of replacing cartridges, the frequency of printing from our reader surveys and the consumption of ink from our testing, we calculated that the launch of the HP Envy 7640 over four years will add another $ 530 to the price, says Sulin. It brings the total cost of ownership to $ 650.
Canon Pixma G2415? This would require only $ 20 for four years – for a total of $ 320.

Models Supertank simply offer a much better return on investment, and this model Pixma is the best in its class.

The printer can not automatically perform two-sided printing (printing on both sides of the sheet of paper), and its LCD is black and white. This can disappoint those who like to view photos in color before printing them. Sullin says it’s also more and more noisier than other inkjet printer models.

But for many, they will seem like quibbles when you consider the G2415 the most distinctive feature. Print page text cost? It’s less than a penny.

For comparison, inkjet printers average 4.4 cents per page, and laser printers – 3.3 cents, reports Sulin.

“While the Pixma G2415 will not satisfy everyone, it impresses with all the basic notes people care about,” says Sulin. “If you can make $ 300, there’s no reason to doubt if you want to save money on ink.”

For more information on the cost of replacing ink for specific models, participants can view our printer ratings that contain over 180 models.


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