IJ Start Canon TS3151 Configuration

IJ Start Canon TS3151 Configuration

IJ Start Canon TS3151 Configuration

Canon Pixma TS3151 Printer Reviews– Canon’s Pixma TS3151 is a budget multi-function peripheral printer (MFP) for people who do not print as often. This is almost seamless as we expected the price for sub-£40, but there is support for wireless networks: You can connect it and share it around all of your home computers and mobile devices. It is small, lightweight and looks harmless,

There’s a simple paper tray in the Back, and there’s a similar utilitarian output in the front, which actually retains everything impressive when printing. When not in use, the rear tray is rotated to act as a lid. Canon has sprinkled a few more buttons than we would expect from the top: you get the usual undo buttons and black and mono startup, but there are also a few additional ones that help to run a small, mono LCD window that displays simple messages for The state, In theory, it’s a step up from the controls at the initial level, but in practice we’ve found that the extra features are largely unattainable.

However, this is a simple MFP for installation. The Canon setup Program can usually detect it wirelessly without any configuration from the user, but if all else fails, it reverts to a temporary USB connection to set up wireless access. Unlike the more expensive Pixmas, TS3151 is glued with one black ink cartridge, along with another containing cyan, magenta and yellow.

In theory, this is more wasteful than individual cartridges for each color, and in practice it makes the cost of printing a bit higher. Using the dimensions of XL, we calculated the color component on the A4 page with an unacceptable 5.4 p, but the black component was 4.3 p.

We Do not expect the cheapest devices to be superb, and the weakness of TS3151 is the print speed: It reached 7.4 pages per minute (ppm) for the black text and was descending with a low level of 1.6 ppm for color graphics. The lowest we’ve recorded for a while. You Will need two and a half minutes to print a color photo with the best quality and you will not be able to do it in A4 format; Although the driver allows you to create and send the job, the printer will not print on A4 photo paper.

With 26 seconds in black and 57 seconds in color, photocopiers were also not fast, but the scanning speed was compared even with middle-class devices. Connected via USB, it took us only 37 seconds to shoot a 6 x 4 inch size photo at 1200 dots per inch (dpi).

Our Scan and copy tests have shown vertical lines along the entire length of the document, which is not something we’ve seen from a Canon scanner before. Unfortunately, our review department got wet in transit and we are confident that our problem is isolated, possibly related to this.

The Discount, prints and photocopiers were excellent, with vivid colors and quite crisp, dark text. The Scan is equally impressive for such an inexpensive device.

Pixma TS3151 is not ideal if you print very often: slow and relatively costly to release, especially when working with text. However, if you just want a basic, competent multifunctional for light home use, it is a great choice and earns a recommended reward.


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Canon PIXMA MG5500 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA MG5500 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA MG5500 Driver Download

Canon PIXMA MG5500 Printer Reviews– The Canon PIXMA MG5500/MG5522 is an advanced printer for multifunction printers with inkjet printer Wireless1 with intelligent design that provides a combination of high performance and real convenience. Print Beautiful, borderless 2 photos to 8.5 “x 11 ” and fresh documents of remarkable quality.

The MG5522 offers 4800 x 1200 maximum color dpi3 with 2PL technology, five separate ink tanks and a ChromaLife100 + system. If One color disappears, replace only the ink tank that you need. In Addition, Snap Edge allows quick access to ink tanks for easy replacement. With the 2.5-inch LCD screen, MG5522 lets you preview your photos before you print them, and adjust your photos with Auto Photo Fix II PIXMA MG5522 features the convenience of PIXMA Printing Solutions (PPS) 4, allowing you to print photos and Documents from your mobile device with the cloud Print feature, you can print popular online cloud services Flickr®, Facebook®, Twitter®, Dropbox™, etc. your mobile device using the free PPS app AirPrint5 allows you to print directly from your iPhone® or iPod Touch® wirelessly, while built-in Wi-Fi® technology allows you to print and scan bezžično1 from almost any place around your home MG5522 also offers Auto Power On, a convenient feature that Includes the printer each time you send a photo or document to be printed. Built-In automatic duplex printing allows you to automatically print on both sides of the paper.

The Auto Scan Mode 7 recognizes the type of original you performed, then scans, and then automatically scans and saves with the appropriate settings. Quick launch helps you walk quickly-just press the power button and you can start commands in seconds. And Quiet mode lets you print at any time, without worrying about disturbing the people around you. PIXMA MG5522 is also supplied with the My Image Garden8 software, which puts all your favorite print features, such as special filters and Full HD Movie Print6, into one convenient software application. Celebrate your vivid memories by creating personalized prints from treasury of photos and videos. My Image Garden8 also helps you organize your photos with calendar view and face recognition. In Addition, creative templates help inspire your photo projects. You Also have access to CREATIVE PARK PREMIUM9, where you can download exclusive creative projects and content.


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Canon PIXMA TS8070 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA TS8070 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA TS8070 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA TS8070 Printer Reviews– The Canon PIXMA TS8070 is the inkjet printer ink cartridge 6 furnished individually, it is claimed capable of producing the best photo printing results.

The PIXMA TS8070 use to print any photos because this printer maximum feels equipped with Borderless Printing can print photos one-page paper in full, without the edge. In addition to the all-in-one photo printer, l unched some photo paper of various sizes ranging from 4.6 Inch, 5.5 Inch square up to A4 and A3 PP208, even there is a Photo Sticker PS208 & PS308R for fun printing.

  • The PIXMA TS8070 user interface is intentionally made simpler with the view to make users more comfortable in the operation of the printer.
  • The Incredibly compact design allows the printer to fit into tight desk spaces and shelves. When A4/LTR size paper is loaded into the front paper cassette, part of the cartridge will protrude from the Operation panel for 35mm
  • Large 4.3  “Optical touchscreen LCD display is combined with an intuitive operating panel. Only the task keys that need to be operated for certain functions are highlighted, improve ease of use without invoking the user manual.
  • The Printer detects the documents left on the scanner glass and warns the user when the original source document or item is not removed after scanning.
  • Load the Photo paper into the back tray and the plain paper in the paper cassette to reduce the load.
  • Scan and copy the front and back of the ID card on one page, while Copying the original size of the ID card.
  • Supports Direct printing and copying of CD/DVD designs onto discs with printing surfaces. The Feature is also supported in the Canon Print inkjet/SELPHY mobile app for iOS and Android OS devices.


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Canon Pixma MG5320 Drivers Download

Canon Pixma MG5320 Drivers Download

Canon Pixma MG5320 Drivers Download

Canon Pixma MG5320 Printer Reviews– The Canon PIXMA MG5320 is a very reasonably price with a sleek and attractive black design that will look great in a Home office. The Appropriate size ensures that it is suitable for smaller areas. The Surfaces are shiny, but the fingerprints will show. A Unique feature is the folds of the front and rear paper that prevent it from folding. MG5320 produces very fast and beautiful color photos. It Also prints documents in black and white and color and copies and has an internal browser. No Fax capability. This printer is ideal for people with average needs, not as a heavy-duty printer or a private photo printer unless you can keep up with an endless ink source. (This is a continuing disappointment in most of today’s printers. I couldn’t find a printer that People didn’t complain about the cost of ink consumption and high ink replacement.)

Print Performance and Paper Usage

With a Maximum 9600 x 2400 color dpi print resolution, MG5320 produces very good quality prints, especially for this entry price. Although not as fast as some Other printers (other top-class wireless printers that are more expensive), but not too slow. On Average, it prints a 4×6 photo borderless in about 20 seconds. The 12.5 black and white document page prints at 9.3 ppm for color.

I appreciate that the Printer does not have a long waiting period to warm up or a never-ending print title adjustment with other printers. There are Two input trays: A 150-sheet drawer on the front and another feeder folded on the back. The PIXMA requires that the photo paper is fed from the rear paper tray and that the front tray is left for normal copy paper. There are three print modes Available: The Quick (draft) mode is suitable for most printed documents. Both the Standard and High modes are suitable for photos, but the latter uses more ink and the print takes much longer.

Ease of Use and Convenience

The Control panel is actually a good minimalist because it is complex and easy to understand. The Functions are controlled via a 3-inch LCD panel that opens with a scrolling dial. Home, Back, Ok, Start, and Stop are just buttons, and the rest of the features are accessed via the LCD. This model has no touch screen; You need to use the scroll dial, which is not difficult.

Ink system

The CLOXMA MG5320 uses a five-cartridge system with a process color of cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black and another black pigment cartridge. Ink usage costs are quite high-color prints are approximately 5.2 cents per print, and color printing is 13.4 cents. The Full set of replacement ink cartridges will bring you back to 45 and Canon will not produce high-capacity cartridges for this model. Therefore, I can recommend this printer for occasional photo printing based on intensive usage conditions. If you print hundreds of photos, you’ll be having a lot of ink if you have Nice prints.


The Browser feature is easy to use and gives you the option to save it directly to your PC as an email attachment or PDF. You can also save the File as a STOPWATCH, JPG, or BMP; also supports film and negative scanning.


As usual, you can find the copying features on two-sided copying (auto-duplex), including Canoninc, borderless copying, and cropped copying. You can magnify up to 400%. For Most business documents, Quick mode (draft) is fine and saves ink.


  • HD Movie Edition lets you take photos from certain Canon HD camcorders and videos taken with compatible Canon EOS Digital SLR or PowerShot cameras.
  • Automatic Two-sided printing saves paper costs
  • Print 4 “x6” on Legal size pages; Print borderless photos up to 8, 5×11.
  • Memory card slots for Almost any type of memory plus USB 2.0 port
  • Wirelessly connect and print from smartphones using the Canon Easy-Photo Print Application

Unusual feature: The CD/DVD Blu-ray label can be printed directly onto the discs with the supplied adapter. This does not normally exist in the price range for printers. You choose This option from the Print menu, and you can choose from several different backgrounds and layouts.


About 20 minutes after the box, the Canon PIXMA MG5320 sets about 10 minutes to clean and align the printheads, and 10 more to install the software. If Your Router supports WPS, wireless connectivity is easy; You are discovering and explodes, you are connected. However, if you have to enter a 26-letter WEP Key As I did, it will take a few minutes longer, as you will need to switch between the letters and numbers screens, as in the mobile phone. You can Also print via USB, but not with a USB cable.


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Canon PIXMA G3800 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA G3800 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA G3800 Drivers Download

Canon PIXMA G3800 Printer Reviews– Canon PIXMA G3800 High-capacity ink one type of wireless type, 6000 copies of black and white documents, 7000 color document prints, Wi-Fi wireless printing capability, crisp text printing, uncertain picture printing capabilities. Canon Inkjet/SELPHY Mobile printing is a convenient, affordable and fun way to finish wireless printing with all the next-generation mobile print applications.

Needless to say, while shielding the ink tube to pass through the air, we have improved the FINE technology to supply photos as well as amazing quality text documents. By preventing air from entering the ink system, sometimes the printer remains in good condition. The integrated ink tank designed to track the remaining ink levels of the Canon G 3800 has a cutting edge layout.
The Canon PIXMA G 3800 has been further cited as a premium term for photo printing, so it has the highest quality prints and sophisticated records. It also comes with USB 2.0 and additional CD/DVD ports to manage this printer anytime, anywhere. Therefore, you may not be able to get one of the top quality printing tools compared to this printer.


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